Massage Testimonials

"Jennifer worked on me exclusively for over 14 years. She saw me for many years as a healthy client who adored massage, and then as a client going through tough cancer treatment needing her massage with a gentle touch. Jennifer was a huge part of bringing me and my life force back to health. When I decided to move to Charleston, I begged her to move there too. Her intuitive, beautiful bodywork is consistently amazing"

Signed a forever fan - JSW

"Well my day was just made when I heard Jen Tucker is back on the scene!!! Jen’s quality of massage is NEXT LEVEL. She has an INNATE ability in connecting with and knowing my needs. My fortunate experience over many years of working with Jen not only helped me so much physically, but emotionally as well. When can I get my next appointment?!"

- Betty Burgess

“As a long-time marathon runner, I occasionally suffered injuries and needed good muscular work. After visiting other massage therapists, I concluded that Jen was the best one for me and turned to her when I needed physical healing. She always respected my desire for complete silence or tuned in when I needed to talk. Despite her obvious gifts at massage, she could also be a great counselor.”

- Jennifer A. Watts, Ph.D., LMFT

“For the last five years Jen has been part of a team that supported my husband, John Sweet, as he grappled with Parkinson’s Disease. What began as Jen’s excellent, sensitive massage evolved into indispensable, caring, regular therapy that John relied on and delighted in.

She was unbelievably kind, tuned into the stresses on his body (involuntary leg and finger contractions, incontinence, fatigue) but also attuned to his emotional state. A massage with Jen was not simply a rubdown—it was an observant assessment of John’s physical condition as he was experiencing the world and then bodywork that sensitively addressed his needs.”

- Midge Sweet, wife of the late and much missed, John Sweet